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Psychiatrist for Children, Adolescents, and Adults



Maia Robison

I believe in delivering care from a place of compassion and collaborating with the client to better understand their unique clinical needs. For children, I also believe in collaborating with families and necessary stakeholders in the client’s social system (such as their therapists, medical providers or school) to better understand and address treatment needs. I use a biopsychosocial formulation to conceptualize a client’s needs in the initial appointment and work collaboratively with a client to develop a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan. I believe in treatment being an active process where care is based on evidence. 

Dr. Robison's philosophy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations, and medication management

Common Modalities

anxiety, ADHD, 
 High Functioning autism Spectrum Disorders


5 years old to 62 years old

Patient Demographics

  • I am double board certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both child and adolescent psychiatry as well as general (adult) psychiatry.

  • I have extensive training and experience treating individuals with Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), Depressive Disorders, and  High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, and twice exceptional students.

  •  While my therapeutic approach is integrative and draws from experience and training with cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, psychodynamic, parent management, structural family, marriage, and other therapies, I strongly believe in evidence-based care and providing care based on research.

  • LGBTQ friendly and I offer gender affirming care.

  • I am part of the BIPOC community as I am half Japanese, speak Japanese (though practice psychiatry in English), and am sensitive to immigrant experiences as well as impact of various generational and cultural pressures of growing up and living in the U.S. 

about dr. Maia Robison

professional experiences

MD, Penn State College of Medicine, 2003
Masters in Fine Arts, University of Washington, 1999
BA, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 1997


April 2024 - Present, Psychiatrist, Catalyst Therapeutic Services
2023-2024, Family Solutions (Community Mental Health)
2019-2022, Assistant Professor, University of Washington
2016-2018, Certificate Training, Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training,  Seattle Psychoanalytic Instate
2010-2019, Adjunct Clinical Faculty, University of Washington
2010-2017, Psychiatrist, Private Practice
2018-2019, Psychiatrist, Puget Sound VA
2007-2009, University of Washington /Seattle Children’s Medical Center and Regional Hospital (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship)
2003-2007, Duke University Medical Center (General Psychiatry Residency)